Purchase Natural Stone Slabs in GTA for Home Design

Purchase Natural Stone Slabs in GTA for Use in Home Design

Toronto homes designed with natural materials always look timeless, beautiful and inviting. That is why we gravitate to elements such as natural stone. Natural stone can be used in so many ways: as tiles, flooring, or backsplashes. However, the most artistically satisfying look comes from using large, natural stone slabs in GTA home design, such as granite or marble.

Where Does Natural Stone Work Best?

Natural stone works well with many different looks, from the traditional to the modern. Choices on colours, natural patterns in the slab, finishes and edging will need to fit in to the overall look of the room. Natural stone can be used in a number of popular ways, including as kitchen countertops, flooring, bathroom vanities or fireplace mantles. Natural stone slab can also be incorporated as tabletops, walls or shelving.

Before Purchase - Ask an Expert

Each stone has its own set of properties. Seek out a retailer that specializes in natural stone. Here are some questions you will want to ask:
  1. How durable is the stone? How does it stand up under everyday use?
  2. What kind of care will the stone need? Most natural stone is fairly maintenance-free, however, spills should always be cleaned up immediately with a non-abrasive, non-acidic-cleaner.
  3. Does it need sealing? Most stone will need sealant that will be reapplied yearly. Can you use the sealant in areas that will be used for food preparation?
  4. Can I see the actual slab I will be purchasing? A small sample may not be representative of the actual piece you are buying. You will also need to think about placement. For instance, is the hole for the sink going to go right in the middle of a dramatic swirl?
  5. What kind of finishes are offered? Most showrooms will have a variety to look at. Ask your expert about the pros and cons of each finish. Options are generally honed (or matte), satin, antique or polished.

Granite or Marble?

Two of the most popular choices for natural stone slab are granite and marble.
Granite is formed from volcanic rock and is an extremely hard stone. Curling rocks and the great pyramids are made from granite. Granite is also antimicrobial, as well as stain and heat-resistant, which makes it a great choice for kitchen countertops. It comes in a range of beautiful colours. The most traditional granite has a consistent pattern that’s flecked with minerals, giving it a salt and pepper look. Other granite is variegated, with various patterns of veining.
For centuries, marble has been the material of choice for great sculptors. It is a softer, more porous stone, which can make it more prone to wear. However, some designers love how it ages with a warm patina. It can work well as a surface for working with pastry, for a bathroom vanity, or anywhere you want a luxurious, creamy look.
You can’t go wrong with the purchase of natural stone slabs in GTA for home design!